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Note from the Chief editor.

    We do not claim to be Politician, nor, do we have any political aspiration. Our goal with this website is to post and published what we think is beneficial for the "Re-Construction" of what's used to be called: "La Perle des Antilles" or "The Pearl of the Caribbean Islands" or, "HAITI" for short.            
   I was inspired to create this website by a childhood friend. He used to host a radio station in New York in the 80's; He was never afraid to speak his mind, or to put his life at risk for the betterment of his beloved native country. He now lives in Florida, I speak to him very often. I can always feel the nostalgy in his voice. That got worsen especially after the event of
January 12, 2010.        
   What we post here in this website are "facts" based on research done and documents provided to us by other researchers. While we are very "Grateful" for the support Haiti is receiving from the World, but what we are afraid of, and fighting for, is for that support (financial) not to be mishandled, i.e going to the pocket of a group of individuals.
Haiti, we found out, is one of the richest (if not the richest) nation in the world in "OIL", "GOLD," "COPPER,"  "URANIUM,"etc...
WOW!!! From being the poorest nation to the richest nation in the world!